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Got a job !

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HoardingQueen Sat 02-Jun-18 17:47:41

After 4 months out of work I was successful at my interview this week and start a new job soon smile My previous role was all encompassing, I worked all the hours God sent ...then got made redundant, I was gutted, I had worked so hard then the firm decided to get contractors in , before you knew it, I was a goner, 'no longer the same role for me'. I have had months of feeling so crap, when they say the word 'redundant' that's how I truly felt, I was sad, stressed with the thoughts of no income, missing my colleagues , went for 3 good roles within my skill set for all 3 to go to internal candidates, then there were just no jobs apart from cleaning or carers. After reflecting, getting realistic, my age also a factor, I decided to go back to my roots and start applying for jobs that were well within my comfort zone, after convincing interviewers that I am more than happy to not want to work at managerial level and can work hands on, I got an offer , I am bloody thrilled!. Much lower income, smaller work place, but the thought of going in, working normal hours, seeing my family more and less of work related stress is fantastic, no more scouring the job websites, signing on (though my signing on person has been brilliant!, they are not all as bad as made out?), and still some redundancy money left in the bank, so happy smile smile

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frasier Sat 02-Jun-18 17:49:28

Congratulations! 🍾

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 04-Jun-18 06:45:51

Well done op that sounds brilliant much better fit 🎉

StewPots Mon 04-Jun-18 06:49:37

Congrats OP smile

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