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Samcj02 Tue 15-May-18 19:06:20


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Samcj02 Mon 14-May-18 19:43:59


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Help me please maternity rights!2
Today 18:52 Samcj02

Hey I'm after a bit of advice I suppose.
So... I went on maternity leave in November, I'm currently working Kit days on an occasional Mondays. - a but of back storyA new person started in September with us we work in education. She was working 21 hours the same as myself and covering 9 hours of my maternity leave. I was supposed to return to work after easter I then decided to spend more time. With my baby and extended it until September. So I left on 21 hours I've been told that there might not be enough hours for me in September due to low numbers of children.. Fine BUT they have offered the new member of staff who's covering my maternity 27-30 hours a week. I have I've been there a while now and they've made my confidence drop to an all time low. I have just had a baby and need to work.. Nobody at our work place has a contract so I don't know where I stand in the legality any advice much appreciated. I sorry for the long post... I'm just so upset sad

Today 18:53 Samcj02

Also I've been left out of meetings etc this happened I feel after I extended my maternity leave x

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