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Aaaarghhh help me please!!!

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skinnyamericano Wed 31-Jan-18 10:45:33

I’ve just heard that I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon for a PA position. I need to write a 500 word website article and a 5 minute presentation about something I’m passionate about.

Help me pleeeeassssee!!!

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2017RedBlue Wed 31-Jan-18 11:09:29

What are you passionate about?

Then go online and find some articles that are written in that subject and take a look at them.

Huff Post articles never tend to be longer than 800 words - so you could use that as a guide.

Website writing is slightly different to print in that you need to have lots of breaks between the writing, so fresh new line again and again. Don't do a wall of text.

For the powerpoint, aim for 1 slide for every 60 seconds. Make sure it has no more than 3 or so points on it. That's 20 seconds for every point.

Use pictures as well to keep it interesting - well I would - but it's up to you.

Keep the interest. Remember too, to not talk too fast and to try not to say 'um'. Just pause instead.

good luck!

skinnyamericano Wed 31-Jan-18 21:51:57

Thank you so much 2017. I have taken on board your advice - lots of great tips. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I’ll try not to ‘um’ too much, but that’ll be tricky 😫

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