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Bridal hairstylist or school t.a

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Lilmis Sun 21-Jan-18 17:59:53

I want to go back to work end if the year. I have 2 options, either become a t.a at a primary school or then do bridal hair. Bridal hair will be good money quickly, less hours and less stress. But I will needs lots of practice, no guarantee of work every week.

School t.a will need no practice, but hours will be difficult to negotiate as I have a 4 years old in school full time and a 6 year old. Starting off will Be volunteering with the hope of paid future work.

What do I go for...opinions please from anyone in either field of work. Much appreciated!

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tryingtobethebestican Sun 21-Jan-18 18:08:29

Hi reading your post it sounds like you'd prefer to do the bridal hair - go with your heart , you'll enjoy life more!

BellBookandCandle Sun 21-Jan-18 19:15:45

You could do prom hair and up do's for ladies day at the races as well as doing hair for ballet exams (for the little ones - it's harder french plaiting, up and over plaits or nuns on shorter hair, especially if they have a fringe you have to have off the face)......I'd have paid for someone to go this when DD was small!

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