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Itsjustme1 Fri 29-Dec-17 00:16:53

Hi guys,

Need a bit of help, feel so lost atm.

So bit of background 2 dc DS1 2 yo and DS2 7 months.

I need to go back to work mid next month (maternity allowance ends first week of feb) BUT DS2 will not settle for anyone but me, will not take a bottle/dummy and will fight napping.

Previously my family helped with childcare with DS1 who had no problem staying with other people. My predicament now is that I can't afford childcare, however I can't expect family to deal with a 2 yo and a screaming baby, it's just not fair on anyone.

So, I've been looking at alternative jobs (have a very well paid sales job IF target is reached, just average wage if not) the only way to try and work around ds is to try and find a flexible job but I just can't find anything and I'm staring to panic 😓

DP works shifts so has days off so would ideally be looking for something where I can go in on his days off and he'll just have to deal with DS2 as best he can.

Anyone have any suggestions for and jobs that are flexible? Long shot I know.

Tia xx

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