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Changing agent...?

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Ziggerzigah Mon 27-Nov-17 08:35:27

I know they are not the most popular people around but it is something I have thought about doing since my teens and it will not go away. I am 40 and have a corporate background. Fed up to the back teeth of what I am doing now and looking at becoming an estate agent. Is anyone out there RICS qualified and is it worth it now or am I too old (I have a BA in Industrial Economics). What is it like being a residential/rural/forestry surveyor? This was another area I was thinking of specialising in as opposed to negotiator. Are there any opportunities to work part-time and what would you say is the best way in - voluntary work? I noticed a few roles for weekend viewing assistants but I would like to not tie up every weekend (although I understand that agents usually work some Saturdays on rota). Thank you for your thoughts.

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MaybeDoctor Tue 12-Dec-17 11:14:40

grin I don't think an estate agent would understand the idea of voluntary work - it is a very sales-driven environment!

I think the best foot in the door is to go for the viewing assistant roles and see where it takes you. If you are presentable, well-prepared (can answer questions about the property) and have local knowledge, then that will surely take you a fair way.

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