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Switching from full time to part time

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justdeeeee Wed 30-Aug-17 11:15:14

Testing the waters,

Have previously posted about leaving work to cut childcare costs, I obviously worded the post awfully so lets try a different angle!

Any mums working FT who have reduced their hours to part time?

If I managed to convince my work to change my contract to part time, we wouldn't have to put LO at the childminders at all, which would save us shy of £500pm.

Then there's only preschool charges on top of that, and that works out to £72pw, which we'd then be able to cover using the 30 hours free childcare scheme...

WTC and CTC would result up in our income being more or less the same as it is now.. We'd be saving £500pm plus the £288 for preschool... Seems like a no brainer.

I don't want to be a benefits "scrounger", we've just been struggling with bills ect and constantly finding ourselves falling short before payday. Don't understand how the system seems to hand money out to those unemployed!

Living in an expensive area with expensive childcare costs- moving is not an option atm as neither of us drive- but we are on the housing list and actively looking!

Advice please

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AhoyPirates Sun 03-Sep-17 08:42:48

I think you would be better posting in the money section and start working out how much money you pay to service the debts you have and how that can be reduced.

You would be better to think long term about school, and the 13 weeks holiday that children have from school and how you will service that before you change your life. You might need that childminding place for school runs/school holidays.

Preschool, although lovely is not a necessity.

Post in the money section. You can always name change, totally allowed on MN.

Slartybartfast Sun 03-Sep-17 08:48:20

We were the richest when dh lost his job, but jobseekers only lasted for 6 months.
look at it long term op

Hippiechic Mon 04-Sep-17 08:14:44

I have changed my hours from full time to part time. I don't have any childcare costs though as my parents look after the dcs while I am at work. Therefore dropping my hours left us with much less money!
I don't regret it at all though as to me spending time with the dcs and doing most of the school stuff is what I wanted.
If I was in a position where dropping my hours meant I would be better off financially of course I would take it!

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