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Old CIPD Qualification

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bananarama75 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:20:34

Hi, just wondered if any HR people could answer this.
Ive been pondering a career change back into HR - when I say career it was pretty fledgling when I left it to have kids/go into part time but mainstream admin roles. Anyway, I've been looking at role requirements and they mostly talk about different Levels of CIPD qualificationm, with Level 3 being the minimum?

Back in 1995 I did achieve 'Graduate' of IPD status through exam/study. I also as a precursor did my 'Certificate in Personnel Practice'.

Would anyone be able to tell me what my qualification is worth in today's money so to speak? Am i a level 3?

Thank you!

ProfYaffle Sat 25-Mar-17 09:24:23

So you used to be Grad CIPD? That's Assoc CIPD in new money. The old level doesn't translate exactly to the new but it's roughly equivalent to 5/7. (I'm in the same boat)

Do you still have an active membership? If I log in to the website it confirms my status.

Temporaryanonymity Sat 25-Mar-17 09:25:01

Could you ring the cipd and ask?

bananarama75 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:29:39

Thanks Prof & Temporary, Yes I have just dug out my certificates and it says 'Graduate of the institute' - not very specific is it!

No my membership lapse wayyyy back when i was last working in HR circa 1998. I will give them a ring though to see what I should be able to claim on job applications - although obviously Id make it clear that my membership is lapsed.

Oh Level 5 sounds much better though smile

Temporaryanonymity Sat 25-Mar-17 10:11:32

I did the grad CIPD thing as part of a post grad certificate. Did you? I am MCIPD now and have never put level 3 or whatever on my CV. I suspect you don't really need to.

Good luck with you your job search. I let my membership lapse and rejoining was not an issue.

bananarama75 Sat 25-Mar-17 12:54:22

Hi Temporary, no I did it as a follow on from a 1 yr part time Certificate in Personnel Practice. It took 2 years part time at the local University business school. I think at that time you had to do the CPP to access the higher level CIPD course. I dont have a degree only a secondary education apart from this so probably only looking for HR Admin role to get my foot back in the door.

I hadnt realised there were 'levels' until I applied for an HR post and was asked by the recruitment agency if I had level 3 CIPD. Hence the quick scrabble to find my certificate! Thanks - I hope I find something suitable for my skill level. I dont think I'd rejoin until I secured something though as membership is a bit 'steep' iyswim. ;)

Thanks for your reply its been helpful

ProfYaffle Sat 25-Mar-17 16:44:13

My Certificate says the same, at the time 'Graduate' was the status you achieved (as opposed to Licentiate or Student) It entitled you to use 'Grad CIPD' after your name.

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