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BabyB16 Mon 27-Feb-17 00:06:52

Bit of a long post!

I am a teacher and I'm currently on mat leave with DD1 who is 5months. I originally planned to return to work in July - just before the summer holidays.

However since having LO, my husband and I have decided it would be best to move closer to my family and friends who can help with childcare and provide general support we don't get where we live. It's an hrs drive away if the traffic is good.

There are now 3 options as to what to do with regards to handing in my notice:

1: Tell them i'm not coming back and pay back nearly £4000 in occupational mat pay.

2. Tell them I will work the 13 weeks necessary for me not to pay back mat leave. This will be 7 weeks in school and 6 weeks summer holiday. This means I will get paid full pay for 3 months. However I run the risk of them saying not to bother returning as they can keep my supply cover for cheaper.

3. Tell them I am returning before may half term - do a few days, then formally hand in my notice by the final notice date. This way I will have to stay for 7 weeks but will get paid up until end of August.

I really do not want to teach anymore and have a number of things in the pipeline for September and if necessary I can go on supply if needed. Over the last 9 years my employer hasn't been particularly nice and has for want of a better word 'screwed' me over on a number of occasions.

What should I do?

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YouMeddlingKids Mon 27-Feb-17 11:52:36

I'd do B, it sounds as if it wouldn't be a massive disadvantage for you if they did tell you that you didn't need to work your notice, but would mean you didn't need to pay them back the mat pay (presumably, if it was their decision?)

CuriousCoaching Tue 21-Mar-17 19:54:19

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