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NHS informal visits

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mrsenasharples Tue 24-Jan-17 11:47:15

I'm considering a career change to something healthcare related within the NHS.

A lot of the jobs seem to welcome informal visits. Is it best to go along and see them before applying? Currently work in private sector so this is all new territory for me!

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BackforGood Tue 24-Jan-17 23:11:15

Absolutely. I mean - surely with any major decision you'd find out as much as you can before committing ?

mrsenasharples Thu 26-Jan-17 18:17:58

Yes, of course. Bit of a stupid question really.

I've just never had the option with a corporate job so I'm not used to it. I think the assumption with businesses is that they don't have the time or resource to show 100 candidates around the office before they've even applied!

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BackforGood Thu 26-Jan-17 19:33:32

Well, I'm not NHS, but schools generally welcome visits - it saves applicants time in that they don't have to waste time applying if the school isn't for them. It therefore saves the schools time wading through application form from people who might then turn it down if offered. It means - by not shortlisting people who later realise it's not for them - you have room on your shortlist for people who really know what they are getting into, and are committed to thinking they can do a good job. The time given pays for itself in time saved.

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