New Job. Childminder or babysitter?

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mummyharvey Tue 29-Nov-16 07:19:48

I'm about to start a new job in the new year. The hours I currently work mean that I barely need childcare unless it's during the term holidays. This new job is longer hours but means DD (10) will need someone after school for 2 hours.

Whilst DD is 10 & a mature 10, there's still that uncertainness in my mind that she's too young to be left home alone even for 2hrs 4 days a week. Do I use a childminder or a babysitter?

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EvenTheWind Tue 29-Nov-16 07:26:40

Can you find a babysitter to do 2 hours 4 days a week in your own home?

Is after school club an option?

mummyharvey Tue 29-Nov-16 07:42:59

There isn't any after school clubs that she wants to attend. I can ask around for a babysitter but they do seem very far & few between. Ideally I'd like a babysitter so DD can be home from school, do her homework & just relax.

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EvenTheWind Tue 29-Nov-16 07:48:43

Try - if you want the same slots repeatedly they may do you a deal on fees.

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