Working full time term time only or part time and normal 5 weeks holiday a year

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itispersonal Mon 26-Sep-16 20:39:27

I suppose as the title says.

I'm a trained teacher but I work supply but have done 5 years without completely nqt year and not sure I want the stress of the nqt year with my dd (3yo). So plan may have to change.

So at a bit of a cross roads do I become a full time teaching assistant working 8 til 4 (maybe later as previous school tas were at school almost as late as the teachers).

Or do I go for a change of career, working part time til early afternoon and work childcare around school holidays.

Ideally I'd like to be able to drop off or pick dd up from nursery and next year school so I have contact with her school. But know if I was a ta this would be unlikely, and going to assemblies, sports days, open days wouldn't happen where it could if was pt.

I do love supply I enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose when to work but if go down to supply ta with the reduced pay and no holiday pay i would probably struggle financially but then do I get an additional evening to allow be to continue supply.

As you can see I am quite confused/ torn!

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JustDanceAddict Fri 07-Oct-16 09:35:45

Deprnds if you can get childcare for the holidays. I have worked 3 days per week with normal hols when my kids were young and I could use grandparents/holiday club for holidays and it just about worked, but kids now tell me they hated their club (guilt!). Now I work t/t only (4 days) plus 2 extra weeks, which is great as I'm with them
Most of the hols to facilitate arrangements etc (DD is old enough to sort herself out by DS isn't) and the odd day they're off and I'm not I make sure they're going to a friend's. The flip side is not being flexible to attend any appointments with them although I try to make orthodontist appt in holidays. I think it just depends on your lifestyle & available childcare and if you need flexibility to go to children's assemblies. My two are secondary school age so rarely have this.

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