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Interview help please

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Purpledahlia88 Thu 22-Sep-16 13:18:33

Hi all

I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I absolutely have to get, I've posted in the past about how much I'm struggling where I am and my money issues etc.

I am quite prepared in what I will say about how I am a good fit for the role in terms of my past experience, but I am stumped at what to say for the reason I want to work there. It is an energy company, and tbh no I am not passionate about energy (who is).. I am going to have to say something though!

I have copied this from their website:

Who We Are

We launched Energycentric in 2005. We now employ over 35 staff from our office based in Essex, where we have helped many UK businesses across different sectors to reduce their energy bills.

Our experienced British based account managers, offer professional and friendly support to our clients, always ensuring we provide an exceptional utility consultancy service.

We are a leading light in the business utility sector, committed to operating our entire business with trust, transparency and accountability.

We achieve this by providing training and development for our people, educating them on honesty and integrity, and investing in bespoke systems to support us to continuously deliver on our promises to clients.

What We Do

We look after our client’s utility needs for the entire contract liaising with suppliers on their behalf. We manage their procurement to get the best deal; validate bills, help them to better understand the marketplace, and even advise them how to reduce their business carbon footprint.

We also work hard to maintain our excellent relationships with energy suppliers and water companies. This ensures we get the best possible prices, service and contracts available for our clients.

Can anyone please help me??

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hutchblue Thu 22-Sep-16 13:57:34

Could you say you'd find working there interesting because energy is such a big topic today with the whole world globally - businesses, governments families and individuals all trying to find ways to reduce energy consumption and of course a huge benefit of that is being able to save money at the same time.

There's never been a more interesting time to be in the energy sector as new types of energy become available such as solar power, electric flow batteries (google "Aziz flow battery" if you want to read about potential future energy ideas and electricity storage - that might really wow them! or may make you seem like you're going off at a tangent - I don't know your call - but it would certainly make you seem like you're interested in energy!) You could mention SolarCity and Elon Musk! Ah, maybe I'm getting carried away - but honestly I love the energy sector smile It's fascinating smile

You could say you like a challenge and see this as one of the biggest challenges facing all types of consumer and even the human race! It's clear energy consumption is increasing and yet we know we have global warming so anything that can be done to decrease consumption and save money at the same time has to be good for everyone.

Do they have any competitors - because if they do, they may ask, why this company over another one?

Then you could say you read on their website they constantly invest in their people and training and you think that you want to keep growing your skills-base so you can do the very best job possible for the company you work for so they appeal on that front too.

They also seem to talk about trust and integrity too and I would say that to me that really appealed about them as I value an organisation that prioritises ethical values being an ethical person myself.

Well perhaps that might start you off with some ideas?

Purpledahlia88 Thu 22-Sep-16 16:19:57

Thank you so much that is so so helpful and better than anything I have come up with!

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