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Retraining/additional qualification

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monkeyblonde Wed 07-Sep-16 13:49:39

For my undergraduate degree I studied modern languages, but aside from the qualification I have rarely used the languages themselves and often regretted undertaking such a subject with no obvious career path to follow.

Having been a SAHM for the best part of 5 years and now having a bit of time for myself, I am thinking of getting back into education to try and do something a bit more vocational - perhaps accountancy (more bookkeeping than professional accountant), that may give me an opportunity to work for myself around the needs of my children. Has anyone found themselves in the same situation as me, taken on extra studies and gained work as a result?

BackforGood Wed 07-Sep-16 23:18:42

If I had a MFL degree, I would investigate offering those languages in Primary schools, where so many are struggling to try to teach French / Spanish / German etc when none of their staff speak any of the languages.
Schools (not all, but a considerable number) would employ someone prepared to cover PPA time with language sessions even if they didn't have a teaching qualification. Another option is either your own business, or working for one of the companies that already do this - lunchtime or after school clubs.

If you live anywhere near Chelsea, I've just been watching one of those mocking people programmes a programme about being "Too Posh to Parent", and they pay top dollar to get their dc tutored in all sorts of different specialities grin

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