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incywincybitofa Wed 31-Aug-16 10:35:01

I am filling in an application for a job- first for a long time, and I have a couple of questions

For an email application that uses their application form would you include a covering letter?

Would you put volunteer roles in the employment section if the roles were relevant to what you are applying for? Or would you explain in the covering letter about the covering letter. In the section that asks for further information I was going to try and draw together my voluntary and paid experiences together but I need to have listed it somewhere first if that makes sense.


user1471950254 Thu 01-Sep-16 09:19:54

Good luck with your application! I would enclose a covering letter of the application allows. As you are unsure whether the recruiter will actually skim read or read the covering letter I would ensure your voluntary experience is also detailed in your CV.

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