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Working tax credits and new job

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cheekymummy89 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:37:59

My dh has started a new job and when I called tax credits to inform them of his new job they have asked that I send of his contract of employment to some company for them to check. I don't mind proving it but find it odd that I have to do this when in the past they have never asked for proof even when I worked. I'm just stressing a bit as our unemployment benefots have now stopped and dh won't get his first pay until the end of September so could really do with the tax credits. We have 2 dc to provide for aswell as a house to run. Had anyone had to do this who can give me an idea of how long I will wait for our claim to kick in once I've sent this contract off?

proudmommy15 Tue 23-Aug-16 17:52:03

Unemployment benefits shouldn't have stopped until your partner recieves his first wages, I only know this as I've recently started work myself. I agree that it's extremely odd for HMRC to ask for his contract they should have just asked how many hours, hourly rate (if it's hourly), how many days he works, and how much he's earning monthly oh and the company details. hmm

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