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Career changer: need easiest ALevel to sit this summer

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Pamelitta Thu 21-Jan-16 19:03:40

Following a series of interesting events I embarked on a career change. I applied for and secured a much coveted (!) place on the Frontline social work course. Yay for me! Felt very proud.
I was so convinced I had the necessary grades - completely forgetting/blocking out that in the times before dinosaurs I completely messed up my ALevels.
I now need to enrol on, sit and secure at least a C ALevel this summer for them to defer my place. I am more drawn to social sciences and have ALevel sociology C

My questions:
1: looking for online course provider recommendations.
2: would I need a tutor alongside online study?
3: What would be the easiest ALevel to sit/pass?
4: Am I completely crazy to think I can achieve this in 5 months?

DancingDuck Thu 21-Jan-16 22:07:00

You're not crazy. Most people have to do three or four over two years and they are teenagers and do no work most of the time. You can do one in 5 months. Not sure which would be the easiest. But psychology might be interesting and compatible.

BossWitch Thu 21-Jan-16 22:15:26

If you can do essays then English literature might be doable? If you are a quick reader! Or possibly history? I'm not sure what the coursework component would be for history (it will vary with exam boards) as I guess any kind of research type project will be more difficult to get done in the time - coursework submission deadlines will be around early May.

TeaT1me Thu 21-Jan-16 22:18:56

Psychology would be very relevant. If you had the books, revision guides and past papers is it something you could do?

If funding allows could you attend a revision school weekend or crammer week at Easter?

I think if you haven't got A levels/degree it can be hard to learn a whole topic and essay style and how to pass an exam but its got to be worth a go.

Other option would be to defer a year and do an access course which would provide an excellent foundation.

NeverNic Fri 22-Jan-16 12:18:42

I did a level business studies in 6mths through an evening school session at a local college. I got a B and have to say I wasn't hugely dedicated though a lot made sense and there were a few specific terms to learn. However that might not be very relevant to you. Try your local colleges as some will let you
Take an exam there without being part of a course.

Pamelitta Fri 22-Jan-16 17:44:44

Thanks everyone. It's greatly reassuring.
As its starting a new grad programme they don't take into account my degree and their academic year starts in the summer so a January exam would mean deferring for two years, so my only window is this summer exam.
An Easter crammer sounds perfect! Why didn't I think of that?? and I'll start with past papers and vision books. Great ideas.
I was thinking along the same lines of essay based subjects too like psychology/politics or business studies.
Will take the weekend to decide then enrol on Monday. Even one evening a week could be possible.
Feeling my resolve strengthen again - thanks again

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