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Pull out at conditional offer stage?

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Misty9 Tue 20-Oct-15 23:25:25

Background: currently in fixed term contract ending early next year. Second fixed term job since starting work after having dc. Tried being stay at home mum full time and it wasn't good for my mental health! Dh works from home in own business and we both currently work part time and share care of the kids except one day a week when we use nursery.

Just received conditional offer letter for another job, also fixed term but longer this time. Will be doing more days than currently (4 instead of 3). Not in a direction I thought I'd go in, but would probably be good for my career. They've offered lower pay than I thought we'd agreed, so will need to sort that, but I'm feeling stressed and I haven't even started yet!

I applied because it sounded interesting but felt very torn after interview and was gearing myself up to turn it down. But employer was very persuasive and ended up agreeing. Most of my head is screaming "pull out!" but my field is small around here and it'd definitely not look too good.

So do I try it and quit if too much? Or is that worse?! My youngest is still only 18 months and I feel she and I would be missing out on the small window of time when they're little. And my eldest starts school next year. It's unlikely I'd find anything else before my contract runs out but dh earns enough for the family.

Help, I need perspective on this! Can't sleep for thinking about it all...

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