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Changing my role when on Mat leave

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snowydrops Tue 28-Jul-15 19:25:52

I am almost 6 months into mat leave with DD2. she is 4.5 months old. When I left to go on leave i handed over to my then boss who was going to cover my role. She then handed her notice in a week later and has since left. They recruited someone to part cover my role (and do another job too) and she has now left after working one month.

My job is nice, I am a Marketing Manager and work 3 days per week and earn OK money, it's super flexible, I work from home mostly and am in the office when needed. My colleagues are great. All in all I know I am lucky but....

I now report directly to the owner of the company (sine my boss left and currently her role is empty). He has been sending me a fair amount of emails about Marketing and has decided he would also like me to take on the marketing for two other (closely related) companies and head up a small team. In essence I am quite pleased he wants to keep me and is asking my opinions and ideas rather than ignoring me for being on Mat leave and hoping I leave, however...

I am now going to be managing 2 members of staff and overseeing the marketing for 3 companies. In an email I asked if my title will change and he said 'no because I am still a manager at this time but it may in a year or so'. I didn't ask about salary increases but I am now starting to think this warrants one. I am slightly concerned about the amount of work he is expecting (from the team as a whole not just me) in the days we will collectively work. I can probably discuss that with him and I am sure there may be some flex to employ freelance help when needed however my role is completely changing from a very hands on, all round marketing role (including some planning and big picture stuff and a lot of actual doing) to being much more strategic and I guess managerial.

I feel that because of this change my title (and salary?) should also change? I have seen the job description for one of my new team member's roles and it refers to me as 'Head of Marketing' so surely that is my new role??

My question is legally is he allowed to change my role so much without asking me if I am happy with it? Should I be asking for a title change and more money before I agree to it? SHould I be getting a new Job description? Is he trying to force me out of my job by making it much harder and therefore hoping I might not want to go back?

Sorry for the long post...I am a bit confused by it all if honest and don't know how to bring it up in the right way with him.

mishmash5 Mon 10-Aug-15 16:08:05

Firstly congratulations on the new role! Clearly you are very good at your job and he can see that.

If I were you, I'd ask for a meetig where you can get in a writing a new job description highlighting your new job role, title and responsibilities. If you are taking on new snd more responsibiltities, you should get a pay rise too. Could you do some research on the going rate for your type of job, in your industry where you live? You this as the basis for your conversation. But only call the meeting once you've gathered that info.

Also, having a new JD will help you to bring up the fact that he may have some unrealistic expectations of what you can manage with your time.

If you need any more help, just let me know.

Good luck!

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