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Work or college?

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Lopsidale Fri 22-May-15 18:08:58

I'm 17 and 37 weeks. My boyfriend works and my family have said they'll help me if I choose to go back to college, mums said she'll watch baby the days I'm at college and will help me financially, but I would feel so guilty burdening my family and boyfriend with having to fund my child. Also I don't want to have to rely on benefits. I want a career though and skills and qualifications but would going back to college be selfish on my part? I could go and just get a job and get money but I don't know �� what are your opinions?

PervyMuskrat Sat 23-May-15 01:49:47

I'd go back to college, especially if your plans involve a career where a college education is a necessity. Think long term on this.

And you're not burdening your boyfriend, assuming he's the father, as the baby is 50% his so he's just as responsible as you flowers

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