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Working in Council and occupational health

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babynelly2010 Wed 13-May-15 10:44:54

I got a call saying that a job in local council is now being offered to me. Yeah! They said just couple things. We will call your references, that is fine. And you will need to fill out occupational health form, based on your answers you may going to need to see occupational health doctor. The job is office job but lifting some files may be required. I have separated muscles, small hernia and moderate prolapse. I lived with it for the last 2 years and no problems at all, I lift my very large kids and no problem. Will I need to disclose this to the employer. I really don't want to.

Becca19962014 Wed 13-May-15 19:28:37

You need to think carefully about why you don't want to disclose your conditions - you don't need to say whey here if you don't want obviously.

I didn't disclose mine. However, then my condition worsened I got into a lot of trouble for hiding my condition and wasnt allowed time off to attend for treatment. It turned out there were things they could have done to help me in work as well as allowing me to attend for treatment instead I was forced to use annual leave. At the time of getting the job I thought it best not to disclose and it was a mistake.

If I was in the position you are in I would fill in the form truthfully and speak to the doctor, if they deem it necessary. You say they have already offered you the job, I don't think they can refuse you the post if you declare medical conditions though I'm no expert.

RiskManagement Wed 13-May-15 19:43:02

They are simply asking to find out if there are any adjustments you need. It would be very unusual (and difficult) to withdraw the offer because of something on your health form.

babynelly2010 Thu 14-May-15 11:57:00

thanks ladies for advice.
my only concern is that on job description they did say lifting files is required. Could they cancel me out if Occupational doctor says I should not do it?
Also how private my information will be kept. I don't want the whole office to know about my situation.
In all honesty I do plan to get my hernia fixed but would be happy to do it on my annual leave. I am worried about my opportunity being taken away though just in case they say I have a physical problem which is really is not a problem.

Becca19962014 Thu 14-May-15 17:10:57

Havent they already offered you the job? You should be protected because of equality law due to disability. They shouldn't be able to take the job away because you cannot lift some files - though that may depend on how big the files are and how often you need to pick them up I guess. If it is not a massive part of the job then someone else could pick them up. I worked in a job where a requirement was climbing a ladder to retrieve files - I cannot climb ladders due to my condition so someone else did it, that said it wasn't a massive part of the job though was in the description.

Your medical information should be totally private, and only if necessary discussed with your line manager, for example in relation to picking up files and looking at alternatives to doing that.

It's difficult to judge these things though and obviously the decision is yours. But honestly I think you should fill the form in in full, attach some additional information if necessary about how it effects you using every day examples (how you manage buying packets of washing powder as an example of lifting).

I really don't think you have anything to worry about, but it is of course up to you.

Hopefully this post makes sense!

RiskManagement Thu 14-May-15 20:32:10

The way it work where I am is the offer is made subject to medical and other checks (references/DBS). If the medical review found the applicant was unfit for the job the offer would be withdrawn which could be done legally.

That said, whilst I have had some take a long time to come back, while they got in touch with GPs etc, I've never had to withdraw and offer. I think if you answer honestly and say it will be fixed idc you'll be fine.

It is completely confidential. The applicant completes the form in a sealed envelope which is sent directly to OH. I don't see it at all, I just get ione line from OH saying the applicant has clearance.

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