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Tax credits

(3 Posts)
Maverick66 Thu 30-Oct-14 21:12:24

Hi I have been a SAHM for a few years . DH is self employed. We have always struggled to make ends meet and the nature of DH work means it's feast or famine. However we have managed to get tax credits for past two years which has helped enormously ( we have never had any sort of government benefit before this) . I have worked as a childminder to subsidise our income. However I now have been offered a part time job which means coming off tax credits but my wage would not leave us any better off financially iykwim. I'm just looking for opinions really, should I take the job and loose the credits or continue as we are. We have been married 30'years and have never qualified for any sort of benefit before we have always just muddled through including sending two DD to uni.

Babyroobs Sun 02-Nov-14 14:31:23

My personal opinion is that if you can manage the part time work and it won't leave you worse off financially then go for it. It may lead to a better paid job in the future, and to be honest if you are out of work for years on end it can be hard to get back to work , so take the opportunty while you can ! Tax credits may not be around for ever so if you can adequately support yourselves without them then go for it.

Maverick66 Mon 03-Nov-14 13:54:33

Hi babyroobs, thank you for your reply, much appreciated. smile

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