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New Nanny - A little Reassurance

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Tillysmummy Wed 27-Mar-02 10:22:50

Hi all

My new nanny started yesterday and she's FAB. Up until now DD has been spending Tuesdays with my hubbys parents and Weds and Friday with my mum. I work 3 days. I had booked her into nursery but decided at the last minute that I would feel more comfortable with a nanny until she's a little older (she's almost 7 months) so she is going to Jigsaw nursery in August some time. My new nanny came for the first time yesterday and dd has a stinking cold so she was streaming and feeling very poorly. I worked from home because I didn't want to leave her with someone not that familiar to her when she was ill as well. So I stayed very much in the background (v proud of myself for not interfering too much). However DD wasn't settling for her mid morning nap at all. She was very whingy. I normally put her out in the garden to sleep in her pram because she loves the fresh air and seems to sleep better but have been trying to get her to have at least one of her naps in her cot. Yesterday my nanny put her down for one of her naps and she was getting herself in a right state. Normally I don't really need to leave her to cry because she does go off straight away. She cried for about 15 minutes and the nanny did keep going to check her but I could hear her getting hoarser and hoarser and in such a state. I did just about manage to keep out of it but I sat in my study crying. Am I a real wimp ? I can't bear to hear her cry like that. She's normally so happy and good but I think that it was also because she was ill. The nanny is excellent with her and my dd had forgotten all about it of course when she woke up. I am just useless at listening to her cry when she's really screaming. How do I toughen up ?

Joe1 Wed 27-Mar-02 12:06:48

Oh Tillysmum dont toughen up. I cant stand to hear my ds cry and I would have been the same as you except I wouldnt have been able to sit there and not go and hug her. You are her mummy and if you toughen up you will change being the mummy she knows. Ds has a streaming cold at the moment and is really grizzly but Im sure that will all stop when the cold goes just like your dd. Good luck with your new nanny.

Tillysmummy Wed 27-Mar-02 13:13:43

Thanks Joe 1 for the kind words. I feel so silly though when people say ' you should let that baby cry' but when she cries herself into a state like that I get so upset and she doesn't need to. She is such a contented little baby that normally there is no trouble getting her to sleep etc. Glad I'm not the only softee ! :0)

SueDonim Wed 27-Mar-02 13:34:43

Another softy here, Tillysmum. If she's crying she's sending you a message! I'd have had to pick her up for a cuddle, too.

Tillysmummy Wed 27-Mar-02 13:36:36

Do you think I should tell the nanny to do that too or let her find her own way with her ? I did think about waiting to see how she was at the end of the day becuase she's very good and loving with her

tiktok Wed 27-Mar-02 16:30:58

The nanny is likely to be at sea, as well, wanting to do the right thing, needing guidance. If she is very set in her ways about how to do things, then she can't be the nanny for you!! I would always pick up a baby who is unhappy like that - they don't cry to wind you up at 7 months. If that's what you feel like, tell the nanny!! Good luck.

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