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If you changed career completely after having DC(s), what did you do?

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BabCNesbitt Thu 26-Sep-13 16:55:12

I don't mean those who did a sideways shift in their previous career, or who used their old skills in a new role (eg employed to consultant) - I mean, if you started something entirely new, whether after retraining or otherwise, what did you do?

(I'm nearly 38, DC nearly 2, and I didn't have much of a career to speak of before, so I don't have 10+ years of professional experience in anything to bring to any new job! sad Hence my scrounging for ideas. thanks )

evelynj Mon 18-Nov-13 21:12:22

interesting! I was an operational manager, (managing banking/finance dept), then after DS was turned into a business analyst & now had dd 4 months ago. about to apply to be a childminder & concerned about the newness after 12 years of same company!

KirstyJC Mon 18-Nov-13 21:14:07

I was an account manager in a marketing company, then quit when on ML and am now an Occupational Therapist. Best thing I ever did! grin

fivesacrowd Mon 18-Nov-13 21:16:24

Was training manager, now a childminder. Love the flexibility, can be around for my own dc and still get to play with babies all day. Miss the long lunches and getting to go to the loo alone! Love my job though & have much better work / life balance.

DameDeepRedBetty Mon 18-Nov-13 21:21:00

I was the chief paperwork dogsbody in a small publishing company. It had its moments, but office politics... it was lovely not having that in my life when I went on maternity with the twins!

Company went bust while I was on maternity (probably due to my absence). I decided to be a SAHM until the girls started school, then started up a dogwalking round when they were in Reception, as I wanted something very flexible to fit with sudden illness and Nativity Plays.

They're nearly fifteen now, and the dogwalking round has grown into a pet-care agency with seven staff.

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