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Interview for Viewing Assistant (Estate Agency)...any tips?

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stripeytiger Tue 15-Oct-13 11:28:12

Hi, sorry not to have answered these posts, I don't come on Mumsnet regularly and just saw them today.
Unfortunately I didn't get the job. The guy who interviewed me was very nice when he rang me. He said that it was very close apparently but someone pipped me to the post because she had previous experience. He did say he would keep my CV on file and contact me if anything else came up or if she didn't work out hmm. On reflection, and not sour grapes, but I am glad in a way I didn't get it because considering they advertised it as a self employed position, the hourly rate was set by them, and very low, £6.00 plus mileage which I think is taking the piss a bit even in Cornwall!
I still would love in this environment but it seems hard to get into unless you start as a trainee. Interestingly the same estate agency have just advertised another position but it is full-time and as a sales negotiator, so i don't think I would stand a chance. It's frustrating because I think I could be excellent at the job, have a solid work history as working as a medical secretary/PA but I guess these jobs are popular and previous experience wins the race.
Have you guys had any luck?

Jellibotti Fri 30-Aug-13 19:45:56

Can I be really rude and ask how salaries / payments work? Do you get mileage and an hourly rate, or a retainer if some sort? I'm thinking of looking into this. Many thanks.

jetsetlil Mon 26-Aug-13 21:37:51

I know this was posted a while ago but I wondered if you got the job? I have recently started doing the same job and I thought we could compare notes.

stripeytiger Thu 27-Jun-13 14:04:54

Thanks for the replies. Interview went quite well I think, wasn't really that formal to be honest, not what I was expecting so I felt at ease. He didn't really ask that many questions, just explained to me the nature of the job and what was expected. He said he had a few more interviews to do today, tomorrow and Monday so I could expect to hear next week. Don't know what to think about that, but am keeping positive because there are advertising for more than one person so fingers crossed.

itried Wed 26-Jun-13 13:54:19

Look good for the interview obv! Smile! Say you like a job that means going out and about and that you know the area really well.

If you are asked what will be important in the job...

You need to sound enthusiastic, whatever the state of the house/flat.

Making sure you familiarise yourself of the details of each property in advance so that you can answer viewer's questions e.g. how long has this house been on the market? How long have these owners been in the house? Will that patch of land ever be built on? Have the owners said when they would like the entry date.

Ask about the state of the property market locally (having looked it up first to see if more/less houses are selling than last year, if average prices are up or down), how they see it going in the future. It is clearly a market full of challenges so you could make sure they know you like that kind of environment as your firm is competing with others locally to attract buyers.

Good luck!!

mrscog Wed 26-Jun-13 13:49:20

That sounds like a perfect outfit. Have a think about any questions (not pay/holiday/benefits based) about the role, as it's always good to be able to show an interest, and also think about what questions might come up. I'd have thought evidence of timekeeping, communication with people, constructive feedback and politeness might come up. Have some examples where you've shown these skills up your sleeve in case they ask you about them.

Good luck smile Let us know how it went!

stripeytiger Wed 26-Jun-13 13:07:05

Thanks missnevermind. I am very much into skincare and make up so that won't be a problem I hope. Perfect hair.....that might need a little work in the morning!

missnevermind Wed 26-Jun-13 13:02:32

I have been to the estate agents this morning. And it was full of young men in nice suits but jackets off. So yes Smart casual sounds right. I think if you make sure you have plenty of makeup and perfect hair?

Can you practice at handshakes? Not wishy washy but not a wrestling contest.

stripeytiger Wed 26-Jun-13 12:45:41

After a break of four and a half years looking after the DCs I have decided to try to return to part time work. An advert caught my eye for a part time viewing assistant at a local estate agency. No closing date was given on the advert, so I sent in my CV and covering letter straightaway. I left it just over a week and called to show that I was keen etc etc. Really nice guy, very friendly and he thanked me for taking the trouble to call. He said they had received 20-30 applications so I would hear in due course. The next day I received a phone call in the evening asking if I would like to come in to see him tomorrow. So....getting quite excited now.

I would be really grateful for any tips for the interview, what questions to ask? Having a bit of a drama with what to wear, having not worked for a while my wardrobe is a bit shall we say....casual! Have gone for black tailored trousers, cream & black peplum style smart blouse with short black cardi.....but now wondering if that will be smart enough?

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