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Going back to work - bfeed baby wont take a bottle

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daerwen Wed 26-Jun-13 10:27:13

More than a week I've been bottle training my 2+ month old baby. He only accepted one 3oz bottle, from the caregiver i hired a week before I get back to work. The week was horrible. In the morning I was trying to bottle feed him and never gave him the breast. He didn't accept a single one the whole morning and afternoon. No milk for the whole period. He just cried and went to sleep. Then I can't take it anymore I eventually gave him the breast at 5pm or so. 7 days we were like that. I even left him on my mum's maybe he'll accept the bottle since I am away, but he didn't he really waited for me. This is driving me nuts because he became lighter and noticed his pee was concentrated yellow. I went back to work last Monday, june 24 and left him with the caregiver. I really really feel guilty and anxious and crazy the whole day im in the office. The care giver said that he took the 3oz bottle. sometimes he doesnt finish it. He should be drinking 4-5 oz right now at his age but he doesnt. I think he lost his appetite because of the transition or I dunno, its really driving me to nuts. When i get back home he just nurse on me for a short time and goes to sleep for the whole night. I try to wake him up and force my breast to his mouth but he's too sleepy to even open his mouth. Right now he's so light. Somebody help.

daerwen Mon 01-Jul-13 02:23:17

MistyB office is a lil bit far. that's whats happening right now, i often get late because i let him feed as long as he wants in the morning. and in the evening we breastfeed till he gets to sleep. i just need to hang on a little bit more and he'll get used to the situation.

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