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mooshy Mon 12-Jan-04 22:40:52

HI,I`m leaving my ds for the first time to go back to work in the morning.Thought I`d start a really positive thread which will hopefully make me feel better. Would love to hear some comments on what got you through your first day back at work.I shall imagine that lovely feeling when we`ve both got out of the bath tomorrow night, and snuggle up in bed together for a feed-hopefully that will help me through the day !

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 22:44:53

Keep that thought in your mind. It will be hard, Mooshy, no doubt about it. I took his favourite bear to work with me - but probably made me worse but it was nice to have it close by.

lyndsey66 Mon 12-Jan-04 22:46:51

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and that time away will make your time together so much more precious.
I am an at home mum and what I would give sometimes to go back to work!! make the most of the adult conversation!
Good luck tomorrow xxx

clairabelle Mon 12-Jan-04 22:47:07

What a lovely thought to hold with you all day.Hope you have a good dayTake some photos of her with you and force them on people That helped me!oh and focusing on the positive side like going to the loo by yourselfIt's a fab feeling when you walk back through the door, the bliss of having them back in your arms. Good luck and nice to see a smiley thread.

mooshy Mon 12-Jan-04 22:51:37

What lovely comments.Thank you.I never thought about the photo-will print off a real cutie now.Thanks.

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 22:56:15

take care with photos - my desk is SWAMPED with them!

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 22:56:55

wait til your ds gets older and greats you with a big smile and a mamaaaaa and gives you a big wet kiss!!!

HLarner Mon 12-Jan-04 23:00:43

Good Luck tomorrow. I went back p/time with dd1 and found that I didn't miss her as much as I expected (cruel mother ) I went back to where I worked before and found I was so busy getting back into the swing of things I didn't have much free time to think about her which definitely helped. I fought off the urge to phone the childminder lunchtime though!

clairabelle Mon 12-Jan-04 23:02:29

sorry mooshy didn't read it properly ds = him doh!
it is lovely when they greet you at the door with mummy!! I work mainly nights and I love getting home early on a weekend morning and getting into bed with dh and dd before they are awake and just snuggling her! Sometimes she doesn't even know I've been gone. Have all this to look forward to again when I go back next month after mat leave for ds.

BadHair Tue 13-Jan-04 18:12:07

Hi Mooshy - hope your first day back went well.

morocco Tue 13-Jan-04 18:54:59

hiya mooshy - how old is your ds?
d'you know, hard hearted mum that i am I didn't even miss my ds (and still don't)when I'm actually at work but the best feeling in the world is opening the front door at the end of the day and the great smile my ds gives me and we have a big hug to say hi (mind you, sometimes he just looks up from his bricks and kind of shrugs like 'hey mum'
good luck tomorrow

popsycal Tue 13-Jan-04 19:03:46

how was it moosh?

mooshy Tue 13-Jan-04 22:57:35

popsycal and badhair-went ok thanks ! Got off to a bit of a jittery start though. My tooth fell out on the way to work and then my breastpump died ! One good thing came out of it all though-I soon got the hang of hand expressing !
ds was fine. We had a lovely evening with lots of cuddles.Thanks for asking.

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