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Returning to work pregnant

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Pootle78 Sat 15-Dec-12 22:42:54

I was 25 weeks pregnant when I returned! As with others I dreaded telling management but they were fab, there were a few snide comments from colleagues and for the 7 weeks I was back (signed off for 3 with chest infection) there were a few people who ignored me and wouldn't acknowledge me, but that was their problem not mine.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Sat 15-Dec-12 06:10:36

Thank you both...was planning on letting work know after 12 week scan if everything went well.

SizzleSazz Fri 14-Dec-12 21:26:25

Yes, i went back at about 6 weeks pregnant. I did tell them straight away as i felt it was only fair that i would only be back for 7 months and i ended up doing a different role part time.

Congratulations BTW smile

LookAtHerGo Fri 14-Dec-12 21:22:36

Oh yes, I did, I was 13 weeks pg with twins on my return to work from maternity leave. I wasn't the first to have gone back pg, and I won't be the last. I was nervous letting my line manager know, he sounded a little shocked but said congratulations. I think the fear of telling them is worse than actually doing it. Am now back on leave again prior to my maternity leave starting again in January.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Fri 14-Dec-12 21:18:06

Has anyone here returned to work pg or very soon after starting? I went back to work about a month ago and found out we're expecting again....really nervous about telling them.

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