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New career ideas for 40+ ex digital media sales consultant??

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DontSayWhatSayPardon Thu 29-Nov-12 22:17:27

Hi ladies. Sorry to hear that no one has any advice for you yet particularly as I am likely to find myself in a similar position in a couple of years. I work in a sales role in direct and digital marketing too, work 4 days a week currently but am leaving to have second dc in a few months. Already debating whether to go back after. Dc1 will be 4.5 and starting school 6 mths after I go back. It would be a good to take a bit of extra time off to settle him into school, as you say OP. But if I don't go back to my job (which I also think is a young persons game. I am the oldest in the team now and will be approaching 40 when due to go back), what on earth else will I do? What other career/job options are out there? Seems risky to take a few years off work. Too much reliance on DH. If you find the answer please do post it here! Or I hope someone comes up with some
suggestions for you/us! Good luck!

Chickchickola Wed 28-Nov-12 00:55:39

I'm 36 and trying to figure out the same. My current career is in digital marketing and also feels like a young persons game to a certain extent. I'm done with 50 hour plus weeks and want something that feels more solid as a career. I've got two degrees, have worked damn hard the last 16 years and feel a bit odd about starting over.

I'm considering teaching (under no illusion that it's tough, I have several teachers in the family) or midwifery (I nearly studied medicine, really wish I had now but I changed last minute).

jcj1 Tue 27-Nov-12 21:52:21

I'm thinking ahead a bit here but basically I am planning to take 12 months off work to be SAHM. I've been working in corporate setting for 8 years as a digital marketing sales consultant. ( media sales) . Last 3 years on 3 days a week. My p/t status is challenged now as the role has changed, is not longer viable p/t and I don't want to go full time as everyone who does is so stressed and I am already stressed and depressed by the ever increasing workload. Expectations are rising and my performance is not rising at the same rate. So I want to get out before I am pushed.
12 months as SAHM would give me time with DC's before they start school and i'd be able to help them settle into 1st term at school next year.
For financial reasons don't want to be a SAHM forever though - but don't think I'd easily get back into same career, it's a young persons game unless you move to Sales Director which I don't really want.
Thinking of retraining or career change. But what? I will be 42 by time I'm ready to enter job market again. I stay at wake at night thinking about what I could do and 'be' in my new career. I need to have some sort of plan before I make the leap off the career ladder! Any ideas?

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