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Relocating again! In a muddle - Need some MN advice!

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lemonadespooney Sun 04-Nov-12 08:03:07

Hi there

I am an occassional browser on Mumsnet but have never posted before. I am hoping someone can impart some wisdom!

I'll try to be brief! I have a DD (now 4) and DS (now 2). We relocated from London to countryside just over a year ago, back to the area I grew up in. Although we absolutely loved the area of London, we had a smallish flat and the time felt right as DD was a year off starting school and we lived in an area where the good schools were over subscribed. I was also were concerned at some of the street violence in the run up to us departing. It was mainly me pushing the agenda to move, but DH was supportive. We had a stressful house move ( horrible chain, DC's v unsettled, I found it v isolating in a small village)

DH still commutes to London and back in Aug I gave up my 4 day a week job which involved my commuting to London 1-2 days a week and WFH 2 days a week. I hated the company I was working for, we could afford it and I wanted to be around for DD for her settling in at school ( she finishes at 2:30pm, which made a London commute impossible)

I should also mention that I had a big, well-paid job before I had children but gave it up a year after DD was born ( for various complicated reasons)

Anyway, in the last week I have been approached about the most amazing job. It has re-ignited some ambition in me and made me realise that I am finding it challenging being at home ( appreciate the time with the kids but times when I am SOOOO bored) It would be literally impossible for both of my husband and I to commute as we'd both be out of the house from 6:30am-8pm and I fear the detrimental effect on our family life. The only way it would become manageable is to move back to London. This way we'd have a shorter journey to work, much more disposable income and the money to pay for a private school for DD ( and DS when he's ready). The thought is that we'd rent out this house and rent in London. DH is supportive but I am so worried about the thought of FT work, uprooting kids and although I am definitely a city girl at heart, leaving the peace of the country-side for the city worries me. I seem to be really lacking confidence on this - anyone been through this or have any advice?

MarjorieAntrobus Sun 04-Nov-12 09:07:24

Did nobody answer you?

Try it out with some help first, before you move.

Get somebody to live in for six months -advertise locally, plus in places like "The Lady" - then you'll know if it will work out well, before you commit to the whole moving malarkey. I mean that you'd recruit somebody who would be able to do the wraparound care that you would need.

You sound like you are missing your old life.

lemonadespooney Sun 04-Nov-12 09:25:34

Thanks Marjorie - good advice :-) And yes I am missing my old life!

MarjorieAntrobus Sun 04-Nov-12 10:25:02

Oh Lemonades, take that most amazing job that you have been offered.

Find people to fill the gaps at home. A nanny would do it.

Take it from there.

You do not have to remain as Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. (I know that as a quote from somewhere, maybe Dickens, but need to check).

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