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please help me decide whether to apply

(2 Posts)
bubblepop Sun 30-Sep-12 23:15:57

Hi all, hoping for some advice.
I am considering a cleaning job ive seen, 13 hours a week on £6.29 per hour. it would mean our household income would increase approx £320 per month. The job requires me to work approx 2.5 hours a day in weekday mornings and is 8 miles away from my home.
We could really do with the extra income as my dh has just been redeployed into a lower paid job and we are now finding our finances are very tight.
I have 4 kids aged 16,13,8 and 6 yrs.
My dilema is about childcare when its school holidays. My dh works shifts, and most of the time, he is here to supervise if I was at work in the mornings. However, in the second week of his shift he would not be here for 3 mornings, and in the 3rd week of his shift he would not be here for 2 mornings. So that would mean leaving the younger kids in the care of the older two.
I guess ive got my doubts as to whether this is a good idea, although I know other parents who do it. I have no family around who are able to help out, and there is no holiday club open for the kids near where I live. Ive spoken to a close friend who thinks I am just putting up barriers so as not to go back to work (she works ut has 2 boys who are older). My dh thinks it will be fine for a couple of hours or so each morning, he may be able to swop some shifts and take some holidays so he thinks between us we will muddle through.

I think my main thoughts are; The 16 year old can't really be bothered with it and may end up shouting at the younger two. The 13 year old is the sensible one but clashes with the 8 year old and tends to wind her up and make her cry a lot. The younger two fight and the older two wouldn't be able to cope and sort it out...and either of the younger two could easily get stroppy and storm off up the road if they were angry enough (and they have before with me and dh chasing after them)
I guess..just reading back at this now that ive answered my own question! Id be interested to hear what others think and if theyve been in this situation themselves! thanks x

Rockchick1984 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:21:00

Being honest (and this is coming from a SAHM) I agree with your friend, it sounds like you are looking for excuses, sorry! 3 hours a day including travel time for £320 per month, when you are struggling? I definitely think its worth going for!

Between your DH's shifts, your holiday entitlement and DH's, it will be very rare that you would need to leave the older children in charge. I would offer to pay babysitting rates though when you ask them to mind the younger two, you would pay if it was someone outside the family and it's likey to motivate them to do it if they are getting paid for it!

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