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Just not interested any more!

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cheekypickle Tue 18-Sep-12 21:16:26

I feel really bad for saying it but I'm just not interested in my job any more. I find it really boring!

I've gone back after maternity leave and I'm just not enjoying it!

Gumby Tue 18-Sep-12 21:19:48

How long have you been back for?

Not everyone enjoys work but it pays the bills!

TittyWhistles Tue 18-Sep-12 21:28:12

After what you've done, anything is going to seem boring! Think of it as a rest. I used to go to work "for the peace and quiet"!

cheekypickle Mon 24-Sep-12 20:33:43

What do you mean, "after what you've done?"

Been back since September

cheekypickle Tue 25-Sep-12 20:29:12

I hate my job! Had such a rubbish day sad

The children seem disinterested in what I talk about.

Lots of admin to do

I can't keep up with less able students

I want a career change? But to what??

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