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I actually think that DP and I are both "gifted and talented"

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gordonswithquinine Tue 28-Jul-09 13:10:02

What difference does it make in adults do you think?

We are both often bored at work etc., but it seems that many jobs which are more professionally challenging involve longer hours and travel away from home so we don't pursue these really e.g. we wouldn't want to become politicians.

We are not bored with each other or the children, we enjoy our weekends and so on.

So where does this leave G+T kids - what should their expectations of life and not just education be do you think?

plimple Tue 28-Jul-09 13:13:34

To follow their dreams and do as they please. Get as much from education and life as possible but don't equate money with success. Free time counts for a lot.

gordonswithquinine Tue 28-Jul-09 13:19:08

That is a good answer plimple but I worry that expectations for children on G+T register may often be more materially driven, if not by parents then by schools.

Also if a child on G+T register is bored don't they expect someone to fill in the gap by providing extra work etc. rather than learning to daydream or doodle? Is this good for them?

plimple Tue 28-Jul-09 20:46:48

If they're truly G and T they'll learn how to coast safely when they please. At primary school I remember working out how to waste the time productively til playtime e.g. 5 mins going to toilet, then 5 mins rearranging the cubes in the maths area and then 5 mins chatting to people on my table when they may have nearly finished their work.
Teachers haven't enough time to truly fill in the gaps and if they're clever they'll know it's not necessarily the best thing to do.
When it comes to schools they'll probably expect the kids to come top and get good grades, but you can still do that and have fun and decide to become a pig farmer after getting a phd in applied physics!

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