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bronze Thu 07-May-09 16:15:36

I'm currently trying to find a holiday scheme for my ds (6) to go to this summer. I could send him to a holiday club bu he really needs something more to use him brain a bit more and stop him exploding.

I've called my county council childrens services who passed me through various departments each of them not having a clue. I was then fowarded onto Excellence east who are for secondary age children. The woman there said she would ask around but I'm not holding out much hope.

Is it just my area who doesnt have anything for the younger children? Do any of yours have access to decent holiday schemes suitable for g&t children?
Finally does anyone know of any in Norfolk?
6 weeks is a long time for a child like ds to cope let alone for me to cope with.

usernametaken Thu 07-May-09 17:14:05

If anyone knows of any 'brain' camps in the south of England that a 4yr old can attend, I'd be very interested.

Greensneeze Thu 07-May-09 17:15:28

"brain camps" for 4yos??????

what is this? shock

KateF Thu 07-May-09 17:18:31

dd1 (9) is going on a weeks course with the Childrens University. She's doing Performing Arts but there are academic and science groups too. Children have to be nominated by school so perhaps ask his teacher if anything similar runs in your region (we are in Bedfordshire).

usernametaken Thu 07-May-09 18:19:17

'Brain camps'...I was joking, should have used a smiley to show this.

The OP asked for camps where her son could use his brain a bit more and stop him expolding... there are sports camps, dance weeks, DD's gym runs extra gymnastic lessons, so there must be something for those kids that want to carry on be academics over the summer. DD would be in heaven if I said she could go to Science or Maths camp.

lljkk Thu 07-May-09 18:28:04

I'm in Norfolk, and I didn't know of anything, either Bronze. But I found a Norwich link for the Children's University mentioned -- it's for children age 7+, though.

Keith Grainger
01603 224313

Where in Norfolk are you? DD has just discovered Brownies so I think that's her summer filled up already.

bronze Thu 07-May-09 20:11:16

I'm between Fakenham and Lynn.

That links useful though thanks. Afterall theres next year too

notanidea Fri 08-May-09 18:59:30

What do they do in childrens university.Just browsed their webpage- does not give much info. How much do they charge,how easy is it to get you DC selected for this?Am trying to sort something for summer too but would prefer to see what is on offer.BTW there is one near our place.

bumpybecky Fri 15-May-09 15:45:07

dd2 (9) has applied for the Children's University, also in Bedfordshire. She was nominated by her school, I think around 6 of them from them were her class (year) of 30.

They run several different programs, I think there were as many as 10 for her age group. She has requested the science (CSI based activities), academic (study of the rainforest animals, plants, people etc) and technology (robotics). Some courses are only for older children (years 7+ for memory).

They run for a week in the summer holidays, are non-residential. The cost is £85 per child for the week, 9.30am to 3.30pm. This includes free coach transport from our town to the university (approx 1 hour away in rush hour).

We found out all about it from the school. They ran a similar program two years ago but dd1 coudlnt' go as we had a family holiday booked. It looks much better this year, very glossy brochure and lots of variety in course subjects. The schools apprently are nomiating more people per class this year, places are not guaranteed. Fingers crossed dd2 gets in, she's very keen

But brain camp for 4 yo?? hmm

pickyminx Sat 06-Jun-09 20:16:37

im with you for my 4 year old she has been at school since september althou shes still 4.

Usernametaken id love to get intouch with you it sounds like our children could be very similar yet its fround upon but if there were 7 its not odd isnt it hmm

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