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Demotivated child-don't know to bring back the love of learning

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Faz2015 Fri 25-Nov-16 10:14:29

To start with I would like to say I don't think she's g&t however she is very bright and is functioning autism.

last year in reception she had a wonderful engaging teacher who developed and maintained my dads love of reading. When she started reception she was on reading band 1 and by the end of reception she was reading Roald Dahl. She used to love learning and even wrote a 4 page story that the teacher showed the school during assembly and out in their library. Her intelligence was not only celebrated but also cultivated.

Now in yr 1, her current teacher just does only minimal. When asked if she was being challenged she just said yes, and during parents evening I was told she is very advanced in maths and when I asked if she could access higher level of work teacher said well she still makes mistakes in her work. Now when I ask my dd if she's. Ring challenged all I get is no I do work as everyone else.

I have stopped asking teacher to challenge her or give her work upto her abilities and my dd has become very complacent... no real enthusiasm for reading or writing that she had earlier.

So I have two questions.. first should I take it up with the deputy head teacher and voice my concerns and ask them why she's not being challenged according to her individual ability?
Second: what can I do at home in regards to her studies as I don't think she is learning anything new?

I'm getting worried as I think instead of nurturing her they are trying to dumbifing her to fit the mould.

Please help!

Many thanks!

Faz2015 Fri 25-Nov-16 10:19:12

Sorry for all the typos

DoItTooJulia Fri 25-Nov-16 10:26:16

All teachers are different and it's early in the year yet.

My advice would be to see school as her baseline education. Then use time together to expand things. I don't mean teach her calculus or anything ridiculous, but just broaden her horizons through reading and everyday stuff. So it's learning but it's not hitting the text books style learning iyswim?

My ds is bright (aren't they all?!) and had a real mixed bag of teachers-some really 'got' him, some didn't. Some seemed to really stretch him, some didn't. I didn't worry about it because I knew he was being educated at school and home. Just keep an eye on things at school and speak to them if you want to, but I think at such a young age, I'd be inclined to go with the flow-remember she's learning lots of other stuff (like about friendships, rules, different people) as well as maths and English and other stuff.

I hope that all makes sense!

JustRichmal Fri 25-Nov-16 13:15:42

I used the Letts KS revision guides and workbooks. CGP do similar ones.
Letts also did Enchanted English and Mythical Maths. which were very good,
Nrich is good site and Khan Academy just lets them sit at a computer and get on with the learning by themselves if time to teach is a problem.
We also, as a family, used to enjoy watching science documentaries.
IME schools do have a ceiling on teaching levels.
So long as they are getting a good balance of play and socialising, if they are capable of learning something and want to learn, then teach.
Their pace of learning does not always follow what is set by the curriculum. They should not have to wait to sixth form to start calculus because everyone else does..

DoItTooJulia Fri 25-Nov-16 16:09:14

Interesting-it seems that Just and I have a completely different take on things! I think it shows you have to do what's right for your child and your family. Good luck Faz

JustRichmal Sat 26-Nov-16 22:29:05

I'm happy to agree with that. So often on these forums people are so determined to say their way is right. It is much beater to say I do this, whereas someone else does that, so you chose.

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