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Exhausted and Tired of Fighting

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Singlemum1985 Tue 11-Oct-16 22:13:55

Please tell me this is entirely normal!

I am currently flitting between anger, frustration and pure exhaustion from constantly fighting my DS corner at school!

He is bored, disengaged and so frustrated which for anyone else with a gifted child will know means homelife is hell and as a single parent it's a hard load to bear alone!

I just feel so sad at the moment, my beautiful DS (6) who has always loved to learn has lost his sparkle and I just wish he felt he was free to show them himself in all his glory! Instead he is at the point of doing as little as he can get away with.

If you experienced this problem with your gifted child how did you tackle it? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

jaws5 Thu 13-Oct-16 11:06:29

Hi! what have you asked the school to do? are there other things that could be upsetting him?

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