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Grammer School Entry - Question

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Lostintranslation Sat 04-Aug-12 21:41:05

Hi - I'm in Bucks where we are still completely grammar/sec mod rather than a hybrid grammar/sec mod/comp system like Gloucester, for example. As such, unless they opt out (tiny minority) ALL state school pupils sit the 3 11+ papers set by the LEA in the Autumn term, and the system is administered by the primary schools. Additionally, pupils from the local independent schools can also sit the exam. The state schools are forbidden from providing extra support/tuition to its pupils, but many parents whose off-spring are 'in with a shout' will get a private tutor - the norm for anyone who passes.

madebymum Fri 27-Jul-12 19:25:16

Hi all can I have some help on Grammar schools. Here in Scotland we don't have any but we are moving south of the border in the next few months. My daughter is about to start secondary school in August she is 12 yrs. We would like here to go to the grammar school when we move is this possible? as she has never sat the 11plus.

adrianbeckett Mon 16-Jul-12 20:10:01

Check out this page Go to regions on the left hand side. Hope that helps! Some schools have their own test whilst others fall under a borough/county exam e.g Bexley or Kent.

jeee Wed 11-Jul-12 12:07:28

Depends entirely on where you live. In the area of Kent I live in, for example, the children sit the Kent Test. In other areas of Kent the children can sit the Kent Test, AND the Dover Test/Medway Test.

In other areas of the country every school has its own test.

Doesn't your son's school give out any information? If not, you'll have to do your research.

shrimponastick Wed 11-Jul-12 11:56:41

Grr... wrote out a reply and site crashed..

Anyway - I imagine that you would have to apply to each school seperately.

We only have the one grammar school in our area, DS is now in y 9 so it's all a bit hazy. I bought him practice 11+ papers from WH Smith.

TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 11-Jul-12 11:52:51

You will have to fill in an application form for each school you want to apply for and they will send you the date for the exam, times, instructions etc.

When you visit the schools you will be able to purchase practice papers as well.

SoupDragon Wed 11-Jul-12 11:41:16

In my neighbouring borough (SUtton) you had to apply each school and sit an exam for each one.

Look at the websites for your preferred schools.

Hullygully Wed 11-Jul-12 11:40:07


Treadmillmom Wed 11-Jul-12 11:37:47

Okay, my son will be entering Year 5 in September and I'm aware that it is when I need to start his 11+ tutoring ready for the entry exam in July 2013.
What I'm unsure of is whether there is 1 11+ exam or whether I have to approach a specific grammer school and register for their exam?
If it is the latter should I register with more than one school to increase his chances of getting in?
Please advise.

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