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How to handle parents evening

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mrsseed Mon 12-Sep-11 16:56:14

So its the start of the school year and we have a parents eve in a few weeks. We are just starting on the G&T trail and want to avoid any problems others have encountered.
She is only in year 1, do you have any advice for us. Do we go with the' is she settling in' like we did in foundation, or go for the' we know she is exceptional, what are you going to do about it style?
p.s. Before any skeptics condem me, this isn't me just thinking she is exceptional, she is top of year(out of 80) and we were given foundation observational scoring to prove it. I just want to learn how best to handle it, cause if she gets bored, she will become a trouble maker which is a bigger problem!

mrsseed Mon 12-Sep-11 17:00:00

sorry, messed up and posted twice, please use other thread.

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