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Nbg Tue 16-Aug-05 14:43:43


I have just called my Gp's to get a repeat perscription for my inhalers. I was told that I would be given this one only as I have to see the Asthma nurse and have a new patient health check, even though I have been registered with them for 1 year!

Why do I need to see the Asthma nurse to get another perscription, what is she going to say "oh by the way you have asthma" and since they have my Dr's notes from the day I was born, why don't they get them out have a look and see that, yes I am asthmatic and yes I do need inhalers.

And to top it all off the receptionist was ten ton and clever coming out with remarks like "Oh yes you do" and "well I'm telling you"!!!

jampots Tue 16-Aug-05 14:47:31

what do you mean "the receptionist was ten ton and clever"?

Nbg Tue 16-Aug-05 14:49:29

Sorry thats my dh's south yorkshireness coming out.

She was soo nasty and bascially spoke to me in a naughty school girl manner "oh yes you will" Just really clever.

colette Tue 16-Aug-05 14:52:57

My dd has really mild asthma and they still want her to see the nurse once a year , they check her peak flow .

serenity Tue 16-Aug-05 14:53:13

We have to go to the athsma clinic once a year too. It's not to 'confirm' you've got it, it's just to have a general chat about how it's going, whether your treatment is effective etc. GPs can't just keep doing repeat prescriptions without doing some kind of follow up!

Did you have a new patient check up when you registered? If you didn't they are probably just catching everything up.

Smug receptionists are annoying though

Mosschops30 Tue 16-Aug-05 14:54:29

Message withdrawn

Nbg Tue 16-Aug-05 14:57:51

But I have seen the nurses when I was younger, when my Asthma was much worse and check up's later on have concluded that it is very very mild and is only triggered by a cold or if I am around cats (allergy).

Why can't they or one of the doctors have a look in my notes and see that so I don't have to mess around with appointments and leave them for the patients that really need them.

Nbg Tue 16-Aug-05 14:59:00

Just like to add that I was very polite to the receptionist throughout and didn't argue.

I think she's probably why I'm soo wound up.

GeorginaA Tue 16-Aug-05 15:01:21

Yep, it's really important to see the asthma nurse each year (I've been asthmatic since very young, but 5 years ago discovered that I'd been taking the inhalers "wrong" for a great deal of time ). Also, treatments are changing, they want to check that your asthma is well managed, etc.

GeorginaA Tue 16-Aug-05 15:02:00

(Agree that snotty receptionists very easily get people's back up unnecessarily though!)

gingernut Tue 16-Aug-05 15:10:07

When I have had repeat prescriptions they have included a review date which is 12 months from the date of the original prescription. I thought it was normal.

It might be annoying (and I'm sure the receptionist was) but there is always a chance that there is a new product on the market which may benefit you, so it's worth going for a review anyway.

Blu Tue 16-Aug-05 15:15:03

There are certain things they aren't allowed to just keep prescribing without seeing you, especially, I would imagine, potentially life-threatening conditions such as asthma.

It might be a drag for you to have to go in - but think of the care they are showing for you!

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