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Worried about dd's vomiting - can anyone help / reassure please???

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lilybubble Tue 26-Jul-05 00:03:52

Would really appreciate some advice concerning my dd, who just turned 2 last week.

After an exciting day Wed (birthday), she went to nursery as usual on Thu, and I got called to pick her up as she'd thrown up 3 times by then. I got there and she was running around very happily. As soon as we left the building she threw up quite violently, though it was just water. She was fine after a quick cry, but couldn't even keep water down all evening. Temp wasn't raised, and she was very happy in herself.

Kept her at home Friday and she was absolutely fine. Had her party Sat, and again fine. Sun fine, then after she'd been asleep at night for about an hour she was again very sick, but this did bring up her dinner. Same as before, no high temp and was okay after that. Today she's been fine all day,and then exactly the same as last night she's thrown up about 1.5 hours after going to bed, but (sorry, tmi) this was a watery one.

Any ideas as to what I can do to help her, or what this might be? I will take her to the doctor tomorrow I think as getting a little concerned now. Anyone had a similar thing?

Sorry, this probably sounds pathetic, but I'm a first time mum and she hasn't been ill very often, so still a bit of a novice here

tortoiseshell Tue 26-Jul-05 00:07:09

Definitely take her to the doctor, you don't sound pathetic and sounds like you definitely need GP's advice. Hope she's better soon.

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