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Eye keeps watering - any ideas?

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TinyGang Thu 07-Jul-05 20:48:21

My dd says one of her eyes keeps watering. Nothing seems to be in it; it looks ok and no sign of conjuctivitus that I cam see (could be the start of it? Not sure)

I was a bit impatient with her this morning when we were in a hurry - thought she was just fussing over nothing; but she says it's been watery all day and I notice she keeps dabbing away at it with a tissue and has just come downstairs mentioning it.

It's hard to know when to discount things and when to take them seriously - she can be a bit dramatic about the odd twinge here and there, so if it's vague I tend to wait and see, but this is a new one on me! Any ideas what it could be if no better tomorrow? TIA

hunkermunker Thu 07-Jul-05 20:48:55

Blocked duct maybe?

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