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mmr, antibiotics and what to expect in the week after mmr

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hazlinh Thu 30-Jun-05 03:50:00

if dd has been taking antibiotics for the last week or so (she is expected to finish the antibiotics by tomorrow), is it ok if she has the mmr say, next tuesday or wednesday? are there any contraindications?

also, what do i look out for in the week following her mmr? what should i particularly watch out for?

hazlinh Thu 30-Jun-05 08:45:32


gothicmama Thu 30-Jun-05 08:55:28

I don't know about ab's but ask whoever is doing the jab I think a rash can occur at 11-14 days but not to sure they will advise at the clinic.
DD had a much worse reacyion to the other jabs than to MMR HTH

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