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side effects of prozac

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Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 11:48:22

just wondering what other peoples experiences were/are. How long did it take for them to appear and disappear again? Im starting to get some but wondering if it is really them or if i am imagining it. I took my first one last night. TIA

essbee Fri 24-Jun-05 11:56:17

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 24-Jun-05 11:58:50

I had a funny first week (so funny that I was laughing all the time ). After a week it was OK. You are so fortunate to have been given prozac, very little side effects and almost immediate improvement.

Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 12:01:24

i feel really sick and lethargic and got a funny taste in my mouth.....

essbee Fri 24-Jun-05 12:47:26

Message withdrawn

Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 12:51:10

i cant drive anyway!


Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 13:46:15

Are you alright Titania - I've just had my ones increased and its given me a feeling of calm which is such a relief from feeling all panicy and anxious. The nausea will pass and the lethargy is probably just your body reacting to the reversal process of the tablets. Is your mind still racing or are you getting some relief in this area????? I do know exactly what you are going through although probably different reasons but the affects of depression no doubt manifest in the same manner! My thoughts are with you!

adrift Fri 24-Jun-05 13:59:49

I had a bad reaction. My anxiety levels rocketed, I had panic attacks for the first time, extreme mood swings, as well as upset tummy, decreased appetite, sleeplessness. Plus the dry mouth and foggy feeling.
I was only on the tabs (Lustral, of the Prozac family) from Wed-Sun. By then I was much worse than I'd been before I'd gone on them.
What you're experiencing sounds fairly par for the course but do keep an eye on your anxiety levels.

Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 14:04:34

I agree with adrift that all these ads say the feelings you experience can be heightened which is of course totally counter productive so you should feel the affect in a couple of days but if you feel worse you must immediately get reviewed!!!

Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 14:07:50

my head feels kind of 'racked' really....

essbee Fri 24-Jun-05 14:09:36

Message withdrawn

essbee Fri 24-Jun-05 14:10:40

Message withdrawn

Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 14:14:36

Titania - what do you mean 'racked' is it a good feeling or not

Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 14:32:59

wound up but lethargic at the same time.....ive got loads whizzing round in my head but not got the energy to do anything

Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 14:38:46

Is there something you can get absorbed into to take your mind off things? I know this is difficult because I am not interested in the things I was before even down to Eastenders, Wimbledon, crosswords etc etc but have you tried to take your mind off things? I don't do talking about things well however someone recommended the Samaritans to me - I couldn't ring - I'm such a coward - but they have an email service. They don't get back to your for about 6-12 hours but if it helps to off load your feelings then maybe you don't have anything to lose to write down your thoughts and feelings to them.
Otherwise, try turning off the pc and taking some time out! Maybe put on some headphones and listen to some meaningful music and have a good cry???
Just some ideas - take care and keep posting if it helps!!!! xxxxxxxxxSax

strugstu Fri 24-Jun-05 14:58:33

stick with them if u can titiania - cos like chandra i think they are great i tried a couple befor prozac/fluoxetine but they really suit me- i became very anxious and depressed recently and knew there was a chemical in balance (having been depressed and used them before) within two weeks of starting prozac again - i felt soooo much better.

Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 20:25:42

Are you OK Titania????? If you are around that is! How's the 'racked' feeling?

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