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just wondering if this is a problem or not.......

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Fruitbatlings Fri 23-Oct-09 22:47:43

I had my little boy by c-section 7 months ago. I only bf for about 5 weeks yet I still haven't had a period. I have PCOS so as I'm not ttc, should I not worry about it?
I think my longest cycles are usually about 3-4 months long.
I'm not in any pain or anything.
Problem? or not?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 23-Oct-09 22:49:42

Not at all. No periods between kids here (20 month gap).

Entirely normal, raised prolactin levels depress menstruation fairly effectively.

Fruitbatlings Fri 23-Oct-09 22:51:36

Thought so, just checking smile
Will start to worry when I want DC3 (years away if it were up to DH sad)

Fruitbatlings Fri 23-Oct-09 22:52:54

raised prolactin? Isn't that the milk producing hormone?
I'm not bfing and could barely produce any milk so not sure it's that....?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 23-Oct-09 22:54:20

When your DS starts to sleep more than six hours, they may return. One thing to note though is you can ovulate without periods (well clearly or I wouldn't have DS!) So assume nothing!

DH's tend to come round when they are getting more sleep There is also the 'may as well get the really awful bit out the way if we are going to have more than one.' wink

Fruitbatlings Fri 23-Oct-09 22:57:38

oh he sleeps really well, 6.30/7pm - 6am <smug> grin

Fruitbatlings Fri 23-Oct-09 22:58:01

<touches wood> hmm

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