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CPN wont be coming anymore

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Evesmama Sun 12-Jun-05 22:51:06

because i said ive felt ok recently.....
last time she came i was an absolute wreck and sat crying in front of her for an hour or so.
she said i can ask HV to ask her to come back round if i need her and she'll write to my doc to say what she's descided

QueenEagle Sun 12-Jun-05 23:08:26

During your discussions, did you agree for this course of action?? Your post reads like you weren't expecting that to happen and are not really happy with her decision. Is that right, and how do you feel about what she said?

Evesmama Sun 12-Jun-05 23:11:25

well i have been feeling better last couple of weeks, but i relied on her guidance and support to make me feel the way i am at the moment...
she said during conversation, that i was 'making her redundant' and didnt realy go into it, but just didnt bother making another appointment and said that if i wanted her to come again, id have to ring my HV...didnt really know what to say, so thanked her for helping me in the past and she left?

feel a bit out in the cold
i am ok at minute, but smallest things set me off and am worried i wont be able to handle things

QueenEagle Sun 12-Jun-05 23:16:38

Evesmama - I don't know how CPN's work or anything so don't really know what to say in the way of advice.

How old is/are your child/ren?

Could you visit a support group or drop-in centre?

Is no-one taking over from your old CPN? Perhaps the CPN feels you CAN cope but said to contact your HV just in case you feel you need any extra support in the future? How about phoning your HV and asking her advice?

Evesmama Sun 12-Jun-05 23:18:47

eve is 2yrs 2 months and we're getting on great at moment, but have struggled to get here and couldnt do it again...dont have many F&F around, so bit in lurch at i say, ok now, just bit worried about when im not so good?

QueenEagle Sun 12-Jun-05 23:22:42

Sounds like you have made great progress to me evesmama!

Your CPN obviously thinks so too. And your HV is at the end of the phone whenever you feel you might need her too.

Hope things continue to go well for you.

Evesmama Sun 12-Jun-05 23:24:10

mmm..feel good. but also feel scared..think ive been keeping myself in this little bubble and using my PND as an excuse to stay there?....shall have to see????

MamaMaiasaura Mon 13-Jun-05 00:00:41

Evesmama - I just wanted to say well done. This is another step on the road to recovery. I understand your apprehension (honest i do) and there will be some self doubt but your cpn must believe that you have coping strategies to help you manage and will also be there via hv is necessary. I do think this is fantastic tho. Well done you

Evesmama Mon 13-Jun-05 21:26:40

thanks Awen
still feeling ok, so keeping my fingers crossed!

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