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weird one and my GP is sitting on the fence.

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ThatVikRinA22 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:35:57

im 37 and havnt had a period for 5 years, now i didnt panic as i was on the mini pill and was warned that could happen.

i came off the pill in Feb this year,(i have slowly gained 2 stone and thought this may have something to do with it) to date no periods (well - little spits and spots but then 40+days until the next spit/spot) so i went to gp.

they did a blood test - that was normal. last week i went for an ultrasound on my ovaries - (the look on my face when she suggested an internal scan must have been a picture - i wasnt expecting that!!)gp was thinking it was PCOS.
rang today for results - gp (lovely fella) rang me back and they are saying the results are inconclusive - cant rule it out, but they havnt ruled it in either! apparently my ovaries are normal sized but do have cysts on both. he said something about no fluid filled sacs or something...which i thought was probably good news! but i do have cysts.

im not wanting any more kids so thats ok - but i do want this bloody extra weight off - i know that probably sounds vacuous and vain but its getting me down and i eat like a bird as it is and exercise regularly - if i dont the weight just goes straight on, and ive not always been like that, used to be slim and found it easy to stay slim. im also quite hairy! (but i prune regularly!)GP mentioned Metformin, but suggested i go into the surgery next week to discuss and thought it might be worth sending me to see a gynecologist. im not really bothered if i never have another period again but i am bothered by the weight i put on so bloody easily...
does it sound like PCOS to the rest of you?

2Lulus Fri 18-Sep-09 01:50:54

Yes definately does. I have had it since I was a teen. Read an awful lot about it and everything you are describing seems to fit.

Other than whatever drugs your GP or gynecologist prescribe you which can treat some of the other issues you are describing, the only other remedy I have heard of is apparently to follow a low GI diet..Not that this will deal with all the issues but 'apparently' it helps

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 18-Sep-09 09:32:56

Sounds like PCOS to me as well, you certainly have the symptoms associated with it although it is a very individualistic disorder. Cystic follicles on the ovaries are usual for this condition.

Many GPs are ignorant when it comes to PCOS; would ask what blood test results were given to you.

Usually they test LH and FSH levels on day 2 as LH and FSH are out of balance with PCOS. LH and FSH must be compared against each other as they can be okay if only looked at separately. is the website of Verity which is the UK based support organisation for women with PCOS. You may find the website helpful.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 18-Sep-09 12:24:19

thankyou both, im reading and running but i will have a look at that website later on. i have a gut feeling that it is pcos but they confused me with the blood test saying it was normal.
can you just begin with symptoms in later life then?
(i did have trouble conceiving when i was in my early 20's but it happened eventually so i didnt worry too much and had non of the other symptoms. had my last child when i was 25, probably a good thing i didnt leave it too late!)

ill be back later - and thanks.

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