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anyone used progestogen only pill or mirena coil to try and stop hormonal migraines?

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princessdaisyboo Fri 04-Sep-09 13:29:32

I have had migraines on and off for years, they mainly stared when i was on combined pill so came off it but since having children i get them most months around my period, i have the copper coil as doctor advised me to stay away from pill/mirena as it would make migraines worse. Ive had 4 full blown migrains in the last 7 days(disturbed vision for about half an hour, then intense pain in eyeballs and feeling sick, then so tired and starving). they are beginning to take over my life, my vision carries on being blotchy for days after and i have a canstant dull headache,i darent go out or do to much in case one starts, its so hard to carry on caring for children when i get one, 3 year old dd and 10 month ds, my partener is always at work and he is unsympathetic as he has never had one!
been back to a different doctor today who suggested having the coil changed to a mirena coil or trying the progestogen only pill, she said that its the oestrogen that causes the migraines? i would consider anything but im nervous that i try one of these it will set the migraines off for weeks as this happened before when i tried a different pill but i think that was a combined one? any advise on managing them or preventing them?

Crablass Fri 04-Sep-09 15:03:32

Yes. I had Mirena fitted as I couldnt take the pill due to migraines

My migraines got worse, I put on 5 stone in 4 months, had pains down my legs and up my back, it was horrible adn i thought I was going mad. It took me ages to get the dr to agree to take it out. 2 years in fact as they kept telling me it wasn't anything to do with the Mirena.

Balls, as soon as it was taken out, the symptoms disappeared and I gradually deflated back to my normal weight.

My advice, steer clear of any hormonal contraception and use condoms instead.
Find out (if you don't know already) what your triggers are and avoid them, especially around the time of your period. Mine include, stress, cheese, red wine, coffee bright light, not enough sleep. Leave some literature about migranes around and point out to DH that it's not just a normal headache, it's a recognised, severe condition, and check out the Migraine Trust and Migraine Action for some more advice.
With careful management and no hormonal intervention, I still get them occaisionally but nowhere near so severe. Get your eyes tested too.

HAve you tried any migraine meds such as Imigran or anything?

princessdaisyboo Fri 04-Sep-09 16:49:39

hi i did use sumapitran (wrong spelling i know) for a while but didnt find it very useful, and the doctor has prescribed migraleave today but sounds pretty mild.
I think i will stay away from any hormonal contraception as it was the pill that set them off a few years ago and they have never stopped and i really dont want to put weight on im still trying to loose the baby weight i gained!!! i am very stressed at the moment and am always tired, my 10 month old has only ever slept through twice in his whole life,bright light does trigger them too, ive been reading up on somer herbal supplements too, b6, magnesium etc so i will have to try these. thanks for your advice x

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