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throat problem

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Iworryalot Thu 13-Aug-09 17:08:24

I have had this for a while now , cloudy stuff coughing up in morning and sometimes through the day not alot , and a feeling in my throat lije i have to keep swallowing ,i have noticed also in morning my nose is blocked a bit for a while till i sit up and get ready ect then goes ,
went to docs a while ago said was morning flem nothing to worry about , and it did go away for a while i think , but back again and now googled and thinking it may be cancer ...sad had anyone els had similar ? i suffer with anx and i guess this isnt helping as im worried about it , im 37 and dont smoke ( although did a bit in younger years socially ) and dont drink much ay all ...

thanks for listening

Iworryalot Thu 13-Aug-09 19:37:11


Momino Fri 14-Aug-09 13:59:23

Hi Iworryalot,
please doooonnn't google <hands together in pleading gesture>.

Unlike you, I have been a regular drinker (have slowed down) and smoked quite a bit in my younger years (have quit 5 yrs) so I am so worried I will develop some kind of oral cancer.

I've had swallowing probs before and, feeling round my neck, have felt all sorts of lumps and bumps. went to GP who gave AN's for an infection but didn't go away. went back to 2 diff docs and got diagnosed with anxiety/dep.

that was last year and the throst prob did go away but came back in the spring. i'm now convinced i have some type of hay fever/seasonal sinus prob.

go back to doc or get 2nd opinion. if they're not worried, you shouldn't be. good luck and hope you feel better.

cocolepew Fri 14-Aug-09 14:06:22

Sorry if I'm wrong, but was it you that had the thread convinced that your DH has something serious wrong with him, because his results weren't back? If it was I think you need to address your anxiety problems regarding your health. I take it your username is true.

cocolepew Fri 14-Aug-09 14:08:34

So sorry I've just realised you do suffer from anxiety.

Try taking an anti-histamine before you go to bed.

Bucharest Fri 14-Aug-09 18:13:00

Sounds like catarrh/sinusitis- have you tried a neti pot? I suffer with backed up snot (eurgh) and often wake with a headache which goes once the backed up phlegm starts to come down my nose and up out of my throat- it drips down the back of the throat from the nose as well, which might be contributing to the swallowy effect.
Anti-sinusitis pills like sinutab/mucron/boots decongestants should help.
Try not to worry- and echoing pps step away from google!

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