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severe headaches that never go away

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haven Wed 25-May-05 01:42:08

i have been having head aches that really never go away..they start off in my upper back and then my neck and then all hell brakes loose.. even when the actual headache goes away the neck and upper back always doctor says it is tention head aches but none of the med. he gives me gets rid of the pain in the neck and back...and tired of taking meds....any ideas?

Chandra Wed 25-May-05 01:48:35

I know of a person who suffered from migraines and since having some special massage to correct the position of the neck the migraines are gone. Having said that I continue to have them but I think mine are more stress related. Probably ostheopaty may help.

desperatehousewife Wed 25-May-05 07:11:49

get a second professional opinion. Bug your doc until he refers you. I got refered to my local hospital to have some checks which really put my mind at rest.

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