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Urine infection that will not go away any advice please?

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dollparts Tue 28-Jul-09 13:19:50

I came home from my holiday 1st June with a urine infection. I am on my third course of anti-biotics but the infection is so far resistant to what I have been given.

I went to see my GP after completing the second course and having another urine test done he said that if the third course doesn't clear he will have to admit me to hospital to have more anti-biotics through an IV.

Aside from my urine being quite bright yellow I have another symptom that really has me worried- When I actually pass water as the flow slows down and stops I pass air as well. It's definately through the same opening I wee from.

I get frequent shooting pains going right up through my whatsit sorry-TMI and have persistent pain in my lower right abdomen.

When I told my GP this he said it may be a fistula but had his doubts as I would also be passing faecal matter with urine which I am definately not. He said he would refer me to the hospital in any case and get it looked into.

I'm terrified the infection will not have cleared by the time I finish the course (this Friday) and I will be admitted. I cannot afford anytime off work and have no childcare for DD if I were taken into hospital.

I'm drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice to try and flush it out but the way I am feeling I doubt it's doing much good.

Has anyone had a similar experience or are there any doctors that could maybe tell me what they think it may be? I looked up fistula (I know I shouldn't) and it sounds pretty gruesome. I'm so worried.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 28-Jul-09 16:04:37

Sounds like it's gone beyond the point where oral antibiotics will work. Sorry. If you have to go in, it will be for three to five days but you could possibly attend for treatment several times a day (would you be able to do this?)

Sadly if you don't get it dealt with you are liable to damage your kidneys which may be what is causing the pain at the minute.

Start figuring out what to do with your DD - ask friends/family/anyone - as a last resort social services may be able to help you - because it sounds like you may need further help.

dollparts Tue 28-Jul-09 18:43:03

I have rang my surgery and made another appointment for tomorrow morning. I just think that if the current course of antibiotics was working it should've helped the symptoms a little but alas, has not.

I figured that I would try and move the subject of hospital admission along rather then wait until Friday.

I tried to contact my soon to be exhb but he won't answer his phone. He had to sign some divorce papers yesterday containing information he was none too happy about so I doubt he'll be in any kind of hurry to return my call.

Friends that could help are thin on the ground and my parents live 200 miles away. I just cannot see a solution here, but I do know I would not consider contacting social services-somehow I must find a way around being admitted as an in-patient.

Janos Tue 28-Jul-09 18:57:14

Oh my goodness dollparts no wonder you are so worried. This sort of thing bothers me hugely as my situation is very similar to yours (And just recovered froma virulent UTI myself).

It's probably a good idea to bring this up with the hospital now and ask what support is in place.

Would you rparents come up to help and do you feel able to ask? 200 miles is not that far and this is as important as gets really.

dollparts Tue 28-Jul-09 21:50:41

Janos smile thanks for that- I will be seeing GP tomorrow and will tell him that I need to be treated as an outpatient if at all possible (fingers crossed)

I did speak to my mum today and she hasn't mentioned coming down and has not offered-just said she wished I lived nearer! Hmm, will have to wait and see what GP says.

There's never a good time for this shit to happen but personally there couldn't be a worse one either- school holidays, house on market, divorce going on, trying to finish my college course and working full time!!

I'm never one for self pity but after being so ill last year (3 months had op and off work) I am really beginning to wonder what I have done to deserve all this sad

dollparts Tue 28-Jul-09 21:53:05

whomoved- I would welcome being able to to remain as an outpatient I would just have to deal with going back and forth-anything is better than being admitted!

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